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Local Business Spotlight – Pinnochio’s Pizza

Pinnochio’s Pizza

Pinnochio’s Pizza is a Harvard Square institution. Open since 1966, this is THE spot for Harvard students to snack during late-night study sessions.

Serving both standard and Sicilian pizzas, diners can get a variety of individual slices or order a whole pie.

Its fan base extends beyond Cambridge, too. Mark Zuckerberg loves Pinnochio’s and goes out of his way to visit when he’s in town. It also got a mention in an episode of the show Suits.

Located in an alley off the square, the walls are papered with photos of customers & newspaper & magazine articles. On the main wall of the front dining room is a giant mural of Pinocchio feeding pizza to a whale and a mermaid.

Like the real estate in Harvard Square, the prices are a little higher than you’ll find in other areas, but the food is great and it’s worth the trip, whether you’re a local or tourist.

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Louis Gordon

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