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I Will Fight For Your Offer!

In Real Estate you can’t actually fight someone to get your clients’ offer accepted. I like that rule, let’s leave the real fighting up to the likes of John Clark. In this ultra competitive market, you need a broker that knows how to get your offer accepted. Any agent can fill out an offer form and e-mail it. Here’s my 3 best tips to get your offer ACCEPTED!!


1. Be Prepared

This means you’ve gone through the mortgage pre-approval process. This is a critical step in the home buying process and needs to be done FIRST. If you go shopping for a home without the pre-approval, you’re setting yourself up for certain frustration or failure.

Part of being prepared means you’re working with a lender that can close your loan within 45 days, preferably 30. You’re first question to your lender needs to be, “How quickly can you close my loan?” If he/she starts giving you a story about how 60 days is standard or they’re so busy, do yourself a big favor – make like a tree and get out! I’d be happy to refer you to some top tier lenders.

2. Offer Favorable Terms

In a real estate offer there’s two main components: Price and Terms. Price is obvious, how much you’re willing to pay for the property. Offer terms is a different game altogether. Common real estate offer terms include:

Contingencies – Mortgage and Inspection are the most common

Purchase and Sale date – this identifies when the contract will be signed

Closing date – when can your loan close.

When making an offer, you want to make your terms as favorable for the seller as possible. Generally, the sooner you can close, the better for the seller. There are circumstances where it helps to delay the closing or even offer a leaseback. If you’re doing a home inspection, complete it in a timely manner. Accelerate the purchase and sale as much as possible by using a qualified closing attorney.

3. Get Personal

Writing a letter to the seller is a great way to add a personal touch. This isn’t new but it’s proven effective. It puts the human element back into a tangible property transaction. The letter should be concise, personal and meaningful. People buy and sell real estate with their hearts.


This market is filled with bidding wars. Working with a dedicated buyer’s agent will yield the best results. Contact us now to start your home search.

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