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Book Review – Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Book Review – Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

This is not a business book; this is a novel.

I love novels. I studied to be a fiction writer, and until I was 28 I was convinced this was my greatest purpose in life.

Then I got married and had kids and learned about real responsibility.

But I never gave up on writing and I DEFINITELY never gave up on stories.

A few points on great stories:

1️⃣ Fiction has the same value as the best biographies if the story speaks to truth.

2️⃣ Great stories teach us how to live better

This story centers around two childhood friends who make video games together in Cambridge, MA & California, but it’s about so much more than that.

It’s about love and loss, relationships, the creative process, identity, the nature of games, Oregon Trail, the importance of play, comparing the world we’re forced to live in against the worlds we choose.

Might not be your thing, but if you’re a Millennial, chances are this story will speak to you.

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Louis Gordon

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