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Louis Gordon

O: 617-982-7175 M: 857-210-9925

Have you ever been burned by a professional?

It’s hard to know who to trust.

Reputation is important. Takes a long time to build, short time to damage.

I’ll hire a pro the first time off online reviews or recommendations.

But for me, until that first job is done, all the “satisfied customers”, the accomplishments, the pedigree, the past sales, it’s all just rumor and gossip.

To earn my trust, that pro has to perform on a few expectations:

1. Give me all the information that’s available and important

2. Explain the risks so I’m prepared if something goes wrong

3. Do the work they promise to do when they promise to do it

4. Deliver value that’s in line with the cost

5. Be available when I have questions or concerns

6. Put my best interests first

7. Most importantly, if there’s a problem, make efforts to set things right

Maybe I’m asking too much. Maybe it’s unreasonable to expect the same from others that you expect from yourself.

After 15+ years in Real Estate, I’ve seen first-hand that everyone doesn’t practice business the same way I do.

But I think that’s a shame.

Homes are different from any other product. Houses and apartments aren’t just property, or assets, they’re a place for people to sleep at night, to store their most precious belongings, to raise their children, to keep them safe. It’s the place where most people start and end their days, the foundation for their whole lives.

Backed by the most recognized name in real estate, Century 21, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, working every day to deliver best-in-class service to sellers, buyers, investors, and renters in Cambridge, Somerville, and the greater-Boston area.

When we ask for your trust, we do everything possible to reward that faith, because relationships are one of our most valuable resources, and there are few things more important than homes.




Louis Gordon
Office: 617-982-7175
Mobile: 857-210-9925
CENTURY 21 Revolution
625 Massachusetts Ave, 2nd floor
Cambridge MA 02139

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